Personal Experiences

I have chronic leg and hip pain for years from an auto accident. I tried everything to no avail. After several sessions, my pain level went from 10 down to a 7. After 10 sessions, my pain level is now at a 2 and I have more motion in hip and leg. I will continue until my pain level is zero. Love this machine!

Marvin S. –  Ft. Lee, NJ

It works for me. Every time I leave here I feel better. I haven’t felt like this for a long, long time. I have more energy and I am sleeping soundly. This machine is a blessing!

Kaye J. – Fairfield, CT

After a few sessions, I now can lift my arm and shoulder. The Pulse XL PRO is amazing!

John W.  – Danbury, CT

I had constant pain in my knee for 2 years. After starting my sessions four weeks ago, my pain is 75-80% better. I am so happy!

Mark K. – Waterbury, CT

I had such pain in my lower back for years. After one session, my pain was almost gone and I could feel it opened up and I had more motion. Can’t wait for next session.

Joseph K. – Bridgeport, CT

Always had upper back and neck issues. After starting my program, the stiffness has gone. My muscles have relaxed. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Jane Q. – Avon, CT

I always had digestive issues and colon/bowel problems. After 3 sessions, my problems are gone. I am so happy. Plan to come back once a month to keep those cells regenerating.

Nicole K. – New York, NY


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